In The Heart Of Amsterdam…

Amsterdam’s main Red Light District also known locally as De Wallen is probably one of the worlds most infamous and talked about tourist attractions. No where else can such a liberal attitude towards prostitution be found. No where else can you see Mums and Dads comfortably walking with their kids and strollers down the narrow streets, which are at almost every hour peppered with beautiful semi-dressed girls, eagerly winking and tapping their windows to potential customers.
It is thus not difficult to understand the attraction this place holds to many even though most people wouldn’t dream to actually make use of the services being offered.
Prostitution in the Netherlands is perfectly legal, hence the open display. There are three Red Light districts situated in Amsterdam. The main one, De Wallen can be found along and around two of the cities oldest canals, the Oudezijds Voorburgwal and the Oudezijds Achterburgwal. In this vicinity ranging for a couple of blocks, prostitues, tourists, kids, junkies, residents and cops all mingle shockingly harmoniously together and it said that the Red Light district is one of the safest places in the city. The other two smaller Red Light districts are located in Pijp and Singel. Both are relatively close to the center but not as close as De Wallen which is a five minute walk from the Central Station.

Feels Like Living In A F***ed Up Fairytale

What many might fail to notice about De wallen (given the amount of obvious eye candy around) is that the Red Light district is in fact one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of the city. Its long winding narrow, cobbled streets and utterly charming 14th century architecture, such as the gothic Oude Kerk, or Old Church give the area a breath taking flavor. Also, the streets are lined with numerous other attractions such as sex/erotic clubs, sex shops, Coffee shops, cozy bars, fast-food joints and trendy restaurants. The Best time to visit the area would be from 10-3am if you are interested in the full experience. The district tends to be swarming with crowds around that time and the red neon lights brighten up the dark streaming canals. That being said, the district never really shuts down as the Ladies of the Night can also be seen throughout the day and most Bars are open around the clock as well.

The Full Experience

For more curious souls: the general asking price for the pleasure of one of the ladies is 50 euros.

This will get you the standard “Suck and fuck”– meaning once you get in,  a condom will be quickly slipped on you followed by oral sex. The next step will entail sexual intercourse in one of the more common positions and after about 15-20 minutes you will find yourself back out in the night– or day, depending.

Anything extra will cost you extra. This includes longer time (expect 20 more minutes to cost another 50 euros) full nudity (most girls won’t take all their clothes off) kissing, anal etc. It is important that you talk about what you want to do beforehand to see if she is up for it at all and what it will cost, as this differs from girl to girl. It seems that many of the normal foreplay routines are often included in the basic €50, but all the pros say it’s best to never assume.

Objectively speaking (as much as that is humanly possible), a lot of the girls are really pretty and 50 euros feels like a real bargain. And it must also be said that there is something for everyone which means, fat, small, more plain-looking, mature, big-breasts, small breasts, transvestites, lesbians e.t.c. are also present in abundance. Furthermore, there are a variety of ethnicities to pick from, most commonly Eastern-European and Caucasian but also quite a few Africans and Asians with a few Latinas sprinkled in between. If this has gotten you curious you should check it out yourself. The easiest way to get to the Red Light district is probably from the central station which is a five minute walk away. All you have to do is exit the stations main entrance, cross the bridge straight ahead and head left towards the church tower. You will find a street named Nieuwebrugsteeg on the left side. Walk down it till you hit the Canal and then continue heading down a couple of blocks till you hit the old church on the right or spot the first red lit windows on the left. Voila! You have made it and can now safely explore on in either direction. For a more detailed and comprehensive guide of the district check out our maps!

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